Formuła Student w Polsce!

To nie jest żart! Już w sierpniu b.r., a więc już za chwilę, odbęda się pierwsze zawody Formuły Student organizowane przez Fundację Formuła Student Polska. Tegoroczna 1. edycja wydarzenia ma charakter międzynarodowy, co podkreśla rangę Formula Student Poland na arenie europejskiej. Spośród 12 zespołów startujących w zawodach, aż 9 z nich reprezentuje Polskę, a pozostałe trzy przybywają do Słomczyna z Francji, Ukrainy i Bangladeszu. Ta różnorodność kulturowa i wiedzy technicznej stwarza dynamiczne środowisko do wymiany doświadczeń i tworzenia globalnych relacji. Więcej... 

data26 lip 2023
2nd stage in continuous progress!

We are really glad to announce, that manufacturing stage both with parts buying is progressing very well and we hope to finish all parts orders this week. We are also moving our work to the garage, where we will begin with the assembly stage. Now the part of the team is concentrating on setting up all the arrangements in the garage, workshop preparation. Team Engine is also focusing on its proper setup. We hope to give you more details in the nearest future.   »pokaż więcej

data13 kw. 2010
Frame manufacturing in progress

At the moment the biggest part of the racing car is being manufactured – the frame. Two weeks ago we had cutting done. At the end of last week in one of our partner companies we had proceeded frame bending. Please, take a look at our Gallery section to see pictures and videos from this process.   »pokaż więcej

data23 mar 2010
Manufacturing news!

With the help of Mechanical Faculty of Wroclaw Univerisity of Technology there is the new model of rapid prototyping model of our RT01 racing car manufactured. Special thanks to Laboratory of Rapid Product Development at W.U.T., especially Tomasz Boratynski EngD, and Katarzyna Gonera MEng. What is more – last week the representation of the team was visiting our partner company in Warsaw to perform crash test on our impact attenuator. All test went very well. We also had a short colleague meeting with students from Warsaw University of Technology (SiMR Team) working on their FS project. All... 

data16 mar 2010
First week of the spring term

After our exam session and longer or shorter winter break (depends on how well the exams went!) we are back on track working on the project. The beginning of the new term is supposed to be lighter as there are no courseworks and laboratories to mind that much. We needed to complete the SEF documents (so we did). There are still discussions with some of our potential sponsors. We found another manufacturing company, that will help us in steel bending. The biggest job done at the moment is the impact attenuator. All the calculations have been made and at the moment sheets are being cut. This week... 

data2 mar 2010
New website

We are proud to announce, that from 20. February 2010 PWR Racing Team holds their new website. We thank Attic Lab ( for constructing our website and Magda Prus ( for the design.   »pokaż więcej

data20 lut 2010